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It's a teeth optional situation

TQC, what do you know about apartment rental leases and breaking of said leases?

I live with my soon-to-be-husband, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend. It is a two bedroom, ground floor, corner unit. Right next to the secondary 'security' gate that cars pass through. We moved into this place in... I think it was the last weekend in April. We signed a 1-year-lease.

On Friday, I came home to find our place ransacked. I mean, our stuff was tossed everywhere. It took hours to clean up. In the end, they took jewelry, some coins (rare ones or something?), and my almost-brother-in-law's spare keys to his car.

The robber(s?) came in through a window in the bedroom (not our bedroom, but my almost-brother-in-law's room) and left through the front door (it wasn't locked when I got home, and I was the first one home). The windows have been a point of contention since we moved in. We've asked multiple times that the windows be replaced or fixed because they do not lock.

A MINOR DETAIL when you're on the ground floor, right? Apparently so.

Anyways. The windows slide open, left to right (not up-and-down). There is a bolt that you screw in down at the base, but the windows are so big that it doesn't really stop you from opening the window, it just makes it tip instead of slide open. And then about halfway up, there is a flip-down lock that - in theory - should slide into a slot and secure the window. Except that neither of our rooms have this working because the windows are jooky and don't line up. When you flip the latch with the window shut, it doesn't line up with the slot. You can push the latch into "locked" position, but that only bows the window, making a nice gap.

Security is totally this place's #1 priority, you know.

So, we have these metal rods that we measured and had custom cut to stick down in the window track to keep the windows from sliding open. I guess almost-brother-in-law didn't have theirs in place for whatever reason and that's how they came in.

The police think that the robber(s?) may have still been in the apartment when I got home. D: I'm scared that they're going to come back and really, can you blame me? I won't come in unless someone else is already home and has checked it.

We are going to pull out the lease agreement and see what the terms are for breaking a lease early, but TQC, here's my question to you:
Since we have asked repeatedly for the windows to be fixed and management has not done so, do you think that is reasonable cause now for us to terminate the lease early and leave?

If you don't care to read the TL;DR woe-is-the-Awesome-Receptionist drama above...
How do you make a PB&J sandwich? Apparently I'm a freak because I slap PB on both slices of bread and jelly in the middle. Hey, it keeps the bread from getting soggy from the jelly!
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