A New High In Lows (chaostrophy) wrote in thequestionclub,
A New High In Lows

So I made brownies today and while I think they came out alright, I can't be too sure.
See, I tasted them but I don't like chocolate so I had to call my friend to ask if  "This is how they should look/feel/act, yes or no?" Which lead us to the conclusion that my brownie making skills may or may not be questionable and whether or not I've actually ever had one is VERY questionable. Also, I got the "chewy" box and baked them for a freaking hour because they were too gooey. According to my roommate, they taste good. I'm not happy with the aesthetics. I will probably either make cupcakes, or go to my mom's and remake brownies under her supervision tomorrow before the concert. Which, by the way I am incredibly anxious about.

What's the last nice thing you did for someone? Was it appreciated or did it blow up in your face?
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