Ambiguity (pixsky) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, it turns out I've been neglecting my car, and it's punishing me by both leaking and burning oil. I can't afford to visit a mechanic this week, so I thought I'd top up the oil. Turns out there's more than one kind!

1. How do you know what type of motor oil to use in a car? (This car is a '92 Mazda Astina, 5-sp)

I'm living away from my hometown, and I've heard all this stuff about mechanics seriously overcharging single women for basic repairs.

2. Any tips on finding a mechanic who won't rip me off for having ovaries?

Also, life is a little stressful. Close friends are having major personal crises, I'm struggling to pay the bills, and I feel like I'm about to flunk out of law school. I'm living away from home in a college town with nice housemates that I don't know very well. My solution thus far has been, somewhat irrationally, to bake things.

3. How do you motivate yourself to do [school/uni/professional]
work you've got to do, when there're lots of upsetting life distractions?

3b. Can you recommend a better solution than baking for my life-panic?

4. Should I bake raspberry cheesecake slice even though I've got four essays due over the next two weeks?
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