creativepseudonym (creativepseudo) wrote in thequestionclub,

All right, this is a pretty *~stupid~* question. Today, our extremely kind elderly neighbors asked me to walk their dog while they are out at a concert. I said it was fine, and in an hour, they are going to show me how to put the collar on or whatever.

Now, I had a pretty sweet childhood, but the closest I got to a pet was a sister, so I'm very slightly freaked. IS THERE ANYTHING SPECIAL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WALKING A DOG? It's a hot day, so how long should I walk? Will his little doggy paws get hurt on pavement? How long does it take for them to shit? IS IT TRULY AS SIMPLE AS IT LOOKS?

yeah. thx, tqc.

I DID IT. I BROUGHT WATER, and the dog was really fucking beast actually, it knew where to go and it just kind of took me. I watched it piss and then I took it back. THAAANK YOU!
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