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Okay or Not Okay ???

I have been watching the coverage of Hurricane Gustav on Fox News and every half hour or so the anchors encourage the public to send in their photos of the storm. They also remind viewers to be careful and make sure it is safe to do so.

Is it irresponsible for news programs to encourage the public to go out in the storm to take photos?

I know they say not to do anything stupid, but they show the pictures of the people doing stupid things. Isn't this encouraging the stupidity?

I like seeing the pictures of the storm from different locations, but wouldn't it be more responsible to not show the pictures where a persons life could be in danger?

Am I just over-reacting?

I know that Fox isn't the only news channel/program to do this, it is just what I am watching at the moment and a few of the pictures they showed on air concerned me.  Here are is a picture that concerned me,4644,4979,00.html#17_550  there where a few that I view as being worse but I can not find them online.
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