spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin' (mbmargarita) wrote in thequestionclub,
spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin'

good morning TQC, three questions for you today!

1. Would you, personally, ever wear anything less formal than a business suit to a job interview for a white-collar/desk job?
(I'm interviewing tomorrow with a non-profit in an arts field and I have a feeling they'll all be in jeans and I'll be way overdressed, but then that's the way you're supposed to go so they'd understand. But I kind of hate my blazer (it doesn't match my pants and is not the best fit) and was wondering if I'd be brave enough to go formal except wear a cardigan instead, but maybe that would be doom.)

2. Should I get a queen bed or a full bed?

I'm buying my first bed on my own and I was set on a queen, because it feels grown up and is also good for if friends want to stay over I can share. However, this is my room:

and a full bed would fit perfectly in the little alcove made by the windows, whereas a queen would stretch from the end of the window frame to the other end (if that makes sense) and leave a little gap between the bed and the window/wall. Visually, it would be almost the same though. But just thinking of nestling my bed in the little window made me start thinking about the pros and cons of a full.

Fulls are cheaper, and I would get a cheaper bed in general because it would be less of an investment (eventually I'm sure I'd upgrade to a queen.) I'm short so it doesn't matter that they're a little shorter, and I don't have an SO who would be sharing with me on a regular basis.

And then queens are just nice and bigger and more expensive and better to share. So what do you think, TQC, even though obviously this is something I need to decide for myself?

3. And now I'm curious, would you post a photo of your bed?
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