longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,


From another comm:

"Right. There was this article in the Sunday Telegraph magazine today about a dance adaptation of Dorian Gray. Quote:

'It ends in tears, of course, but name a gay love story which doesn't (And don't you *dare* say Jeeves and Wooster). ' "

So. Jeeves and Wooster- gay love story yes or no? (doesn't have to end in sex for it to be rather gay! C'mon it's about two guys who live together pretty much forever, and trying to avoid marriage, and some of the lines are incredibly... suspect. Both in the books and the tv show)
And what's a gay love story that doesn't end in tears? (other than Maurice, which was instantly listed in the comments)

Also, has anyone else randomly started up their old tamagotchi just for?
... anyone know how long they sleep? I don't want this one waking me up at 4 am. Maybe I'll just be abusive and turn its sound off. :P
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