the owl & the pussycat (ifancylust) wrote in thequestionclub,
the owl & the pussycat

my roommate and i got a young, male dwarf rabbit the other day. i've never owned rabbits myself, but she has. everything has been going great. he's cute, nice, seems to be happy, etc. BUT there's a huge problem:

late at night/early in the morning, he gets really, really rambunctious. he starts jumping on top of his little house, digging, clawing at things, etc..basically just making a TON of noise. we thought maybe he was just antsy, so we took him out (at 6AM this morning >:O ) to let him run around a little and play. apparently he started behaving this way last night and my roommate did this. she took him out and when she put him back in the cage, he was fine. but this morning when we put him back in, he continued to be really loud.

we thought maybe he was just reallyyyyy energetic, so we put him in his little pen, so he could be more active. but once he was in there, he started acting violent (thumping, throwing around his dish, etc).

we've allowed him to be active all morning and he never ever does this during the day. we're students and need sleep! we love him, but we can't afford to do this every night or morning. tips? what's going on? we're desperate!

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