Lost in the world, playing the blame game. (rubberheadz_inc) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lost in the world, playing the blame game.

I love doing comparisons.

Which one do you like better? And tell me why.

1. Gatorade or Powerrade?

2. Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson?

3. East Coast of the USA or West Coast of USA?

4. Jungle Fever or She Hate Me? (The movies, if you've heard of them)

5. SNL or MadTV?

My choices:

1. Gatorade. Sweeter, and it's usually cheaper.
2. Music wise, I prefer Michael(but I love the music both of them make, regardless), but as a person, Janet, hands down.
3. I haven't experienced that much of either coast, so I can't really answer, i'm just curious about what everyone else's answer would be.
4. She Hate Me. I found the concept and style of it more interesting, but Jungle Fever had a better story and seemed focused on it's main plot)
5. I used to LOVE MadTV back in the 90's/early 00's, but it's really gone downhill. I've just recently received more exposure to 70's, 80's and 90's SNL, so I have to pick SNL.
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