jezebelxtaylor (jezebelxtaylor) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC! I'm having a great day. =]

Appeared in court, and got ACD'd, which pretty much means if I don't get in trouble for six months, then the charges go off my record as if it never happened, and I have to take a 75 dollar course online. Big woooop.

So I'm feeling incredibly relieved.

When was the last time you felt incredibly relieved? What happened?

And just because I'm curious...

How long have you had your livejournal?
How long have you been a member of TQC?
Do you post everyday for fun? Or only when you really need something?

The last time I was incredibly relieved was right now, obviously! =)

I've had THIS account since February of 07, but I had an account before that that I got early November of 06.
I've been on TQC since late 06.
Oh I post for fun all the time. =)

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