Gerald Washington (alpacacock) wrote in thequestionclub,
Gerald Washington

Ok.. so my girlfriend and I are in disagreement so we are asking Wise TQC Dog Owners WWYD?

The dog's current setup: a large crate up next to a pet door to an outside back yard (about 20x20 area). She can either be outside or inside in the crate. This way she doesn't have puppy energy to tear things in the house up but can get AC if she gets hot.

This is her daily setup while we are at work and seems to be working fine. So now we are going to Vegas Monday night for Vito's B-Day and I say have her niece come over Monday night to visit the dog and feed her and then again Tuesday afternoon to visit and put out more food. We will be home sometime Tuesday night.

GF thinks that since she is a puppy that it is bad to leave her by herself for that long and wants a co-worker to watch her.

I said she needs to remember the wisdom of the Dog Whisper that she is a dog and not a child and she will not remember or hold ill will against us and she would be fine. I also don't want to be responsible for damage she might cause at her co-workers house.

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