Jac (majesticjac) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm asking all sorts of shit tonight.

Someone mentioned something about choking in my pill-post, and so I'm here to ask:

Have you ever choked? Did you need reshkewing?

I've choked twice, sort of? When I was a kid I was choking on a chip in a mexican restaurant. My mom did the bad-choking-rescue-attempt by trying to stick her fingers in my mouth and pull it out. The waiter came along and did the heimlich on me. I don't remember any of this.

And one time I was being stupid and was eating sweet tarts while laying on down. Dropped one right into the back of my throat, would've started choking if I breathed in but I had to turn over and hack-cough from the back of my throat to get it out. It was fun. Its interesting to think about the fact that I was alone and could've died, maybe?
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