ladybug4789 (ladybug4789) wrote in thequestionclub,

Lots of random questions! =D

1. Do you put your flowers in a "vace" (face with a "v") or a "vohz"? I say "vohz" but people give me funny looks. (vase)

2. Who else here can't stand to have dry hands? I put lotion on my hands as much as 1-3 times an hour, if they feel dry. I *don't* have OCD, it's just a thing I have.

3. Why do you think it is that the average guy has far fewer pairs of shoes than the average girl? Yes, there are definitely exceptions, but most guys I know have 3-4 pairs of ordinary shoes (running/athletic shoes, sneakers, and sandals/flip-flops, not including dress shoes and sport-specific shoes), while most girls have far more? I have 24 pairs (all types, including slippers). It's the same with clothes in general.

4. Does it seem to you that wherever you need to go is nowhere near where you live, or where is convenient? I live in the heart of suburbia in my city, but nowhere is ever nearby. My volleyball tournaments are always 20+ minutes away in the North or South areas, my friends all live downtown or in other cities/areas 15-30 minutes away. I know rent/housing is far cheaper in the other areas but doesn't it seem better to pay more but be more centrally located?

5. Why is it that, as a *general* rule, skinny people have small boobs and larger people have bigger boobs? I thought it was due to growth hormones and such, but with skinny people, I've noticed that shorter skinny people have bigger boobs than taller skinny people. Wouldn't taller people have more hormones?

6. Is it true that a man's shoe size is indicative of his...other size? ;P

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