katyblue (katyblue) wrote in thequestionclub,

1.Has anyone here ever worked at a grocery store? 

2.Which one?

3. Where?

4. How long did you work there?

5. What did you do there?

6. Did you like it?

7.  Do you have any funny/crazy/outrageous stories about crazy customers, shoplifters, crazy employees you want to share?



1. yes

2. Albertsons

3 Phoenix

4. I worked in the grocery biz for 4.5 years.

5 All kinds of things.  I started out as a bagger, went to lobby clerk, then drug clerk, then checker, then coffee bar clerk, then coffee bar manager

6.  For the most part I did.  I worked at a good store with nice people.  Then I switched stores and the management there totally blew!  It sucked so bad

7. We had some funny shoplifters.  One old lady went through the checkout and decided she needed to do somemore shopping.  She was right in FRONT of me when she threw some instant oatmeal into her shopping bag. I remarked loudly to my friend. "Gee, Don't you usually have to *buy* one to get one free?" lol

She ended up getting a felony charge because she had over $300 worth of useless garbage that she stole.  Gardening gloves? Instant oatmeal? This lady had remarked that she had fallen off a motorcycle and landed head first into a cactus and thats why she was stealing.

Another gal had falsified checks.  On her way out to the car the security guy grabbed her, she started screaming and kicking and "My kids are in the car! My kids are in the car!"  Everyone was looking at her.  She really put up a good fight.  lol.

Then we'd have people fill up there carts with Infamil to make meth with and try to make Infamil runs out of the store.

I'd love to hear your stories about crazy customers and shoplifters if you have any.
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