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First, thanks to everyone who gave me advice about washing the cardigan. In case anyone's wondering, heh, I put it on delicate cycle and I laid it out to dry, and it's perfectly fine. I'm relieved.

Now, time for a random question:

If you had to be a tree, what type of tree would you be?

And for people who maybe don't know much about trees:

I'd be a weeping willow. I think they're gorgeous. When I was really little, my family lived in St. Louis and my dad planted a Weeping Willow in our backyard. He said that when it grew big enough, I could sit under it and read. Of course, about a year later we moved overseas and our old house and the huge backyard and the weeping willow were bought by a young couple and their first kid. I wonder if they let the tree grow or not. I sort of miss that place.

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