Amanda (sexie_flamester) wrote in thequestionclub,

Wow. It just hit me! My little brother is turning 16 in a couple weeks. 16! Haha. *Shocked* lol. Anyways. what do 16 year old guys like?? Mind you he's a good kid-no drugs sex etc. He's into fixing up cars and things like that. Also I have to send his present in the mail. So nothing huge!


Thanks for everyone's advice! I'm going to send my mom some money to get him a gift certificate to an auto parts store up there. (Not sure if we have the same ones here so it's the best I can think of right now)

I'll also get him a poster or a book about cars (Mom said he's not big on model cars--he has a few but never uses them) And I have a pair of jeans for him.
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