goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

skin tone.

do you know your own skin's "undertone color" and what colors compliment it well? what are they?

do you try to wear those colors more simply because they look good on you, even if it's not one of your favorite color otherwise?

or do you just wear colors that you like regardless of how well they match your skin?

are you good at determining others skin tone? do you ever advise them on what colors they should wear?

would you be offended if someone pointed out colors that would look good on you?

i'm a green. on cloudy days, i actually look green. like pea soup. (very sexy, right).

i wear lots of greens (but only grass green. i can't pull of lime green or turquoise green...) and pinks. sometimes blues, even though i don't really like blue. i also wear a lot of red cause i like the color but it doesn't compliment my skin tone very well so i usually try to layer a white edge between my skin and the red.
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