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This one needs it's own topic...

Okay, so I had a brilliant idea a while ago inspired by Scary Movie. As a male, I notice that I have to use urinals a lot, and they are pretty boring. Some people have newspapers over them, or if they're really fancy, TVs, but there is no fun in peeing becuase all you can do is shoot at the urinal cake or that piece of gum someone felt was necessary to leave in there and make more work for the custodian. I figure we have the ability to stand up while we pee AND over-competitiveness for a reason, so to spruce up urinals and bathrooms in general, I thought we should put a target in the urinal, and you could pay quarters to play for prizes against your friends or random bathroom goers, if you hit the target long enough to fill up your tube of liquid (like at the fair witht he squirt gun game), you would win and lights would flash and confetti would fall from the ceiling and it would make peeing a lot funner. Anyone want to endorse this idea/help me find a patent?
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