Eye of the shepherd, heart of the lamb (67threnody) wrote in thequestionclub,
Eye of the shepherd, heart of the lamb

Hair disaster

Due to a tl;dr series of misfortunes involving repeated applications of hair dye, I now have hair that has roughly the texture of cotton candy, and it is sitting on top of my head.

Is there anything I can put on it to make it look more like hair and less like fried fluff? It's pretty short, and is about to get even shorter after my visit to Supercuts today.

Should I just shave it off and tell people I've joined a cult?

Will you tell me stories of your hair mishaps? Bonus points for pictures.

ETA: I know you'll all be thrilled to know that slathering on a ton of conditioner and leaving it for a while, plus having Hair Guy wield his scissors, fixed a lot of the problem. My bangs are too short and since that was the part that was most damaged, I still have a small clump of dry looking hair at the front, but overall it looks tons better and I'm no longer convinced that people are pointing and laughing.
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