Milq (coelispex) wrote in thequestionclub,

One for all the travelers out there

Hay TQC, I haz a questionz.

I'm taking a short trip tomorrow that requires I get on a plane and I'm pretty much aware of the basic rules (no big bottles of shampoo or other liquid etc) but I can't really find a good answer on these two points - so a little help maybe?

1.) I read on the TSA site that prescription meds are allowed, but that they have to be declared at security; is this right? Do I have to pull the bottles out of my backpack and show them or is it okay as long as it doesn't come up?

2.) Are batteries allowed in a carry-on? I'm not talking about the "it'll explode if you look at it cross-eyed" type of batteries as much as the standard AAA batteries needed to power a faux!pod. Is it another case of let them know you have it or is it better to just let it come up?

Thanks in advance for the help, TQC!
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