celialove (celialove) wrote in thequestionclub,

Obviously, the definition of "masculine" or "feminine" varies from person to person, and some may argue such ideals exist only in our heads. Nevertheless, most of us have our own ideas of what constitutes "masculine" or "feminine," and I would like anyone who answers this question to take that into account.

1. Do you think there's something attractive about men who look like women?

2. What about women who look like men?


1. Normally I'm not attracted to effeminate men, but I think some can look very nice. If he's overly feminine, I'm not really interested, but if it's sort of the androgynous style, I think that can be attractive. I do prefer men who are on the "masculine" side, though.

2. It depends. If their features are masculine, I don't find that particularly attractive. But "tomboy"-looking women--petite, small breasts, short hair, and in men's clothing--I think are very attractive. And I'm normally not into women. :p


3. Do you love puppies?
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