scriptchick (scriptchick) wrote in thequestionclub,

who is this actress?

A friend of mine was recently told she looks like the actress in the picture behind the cut. This actress is in her late 50s early 60s now, and my friend has been told she looks like her in her 30s... She was told NOT to look at recent pics, but older pics of this actress...


Now - my dilemma - my friend can't remember the name of the actress, except for 'Katherine'. It could be a 'Catharine' or variations on the spelling.

My friend is pretty determined that it ISN'T Catherine Deneuve (believe me, that was my first guess... with a young Helen Mirren being the second guess) but there's a significant difference in the bottom lip/eyebrow/eye of this picture to Helen AND Catherine Deneuve...

Any movie buffs know who she is?

Bonus points if you can find a link to this picture online - so I can PROVE to my friend who this is a picture of...

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