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what would you do?

A nice lady at work, a lady I have a decent work friendship with, wants to set me up with her son (she thinks I'd be perfect for him). Problems?

A) I'm not all that anxious to get a boyfriend. I enjoy being single.
B) I think it's a little strange that someone's mom is trying to set them up -- what if I say yes to being set up, and then it turns out the guy has no interest in someone like me at all, it's just the mom butting into his life? (Also, I'm pretty sure the guy just broke up with some girl).
C) I'm not sure the lady at work 'knows' who I really am -- she knows I'm a student and that I work hard, she doesn't know that I still live with my parents for various reasons, that I'm not financially comfortable right now because I am a student, or that the quiet front I put up at work isn't at all my personality once someone really gets to know me.
D) I don't want to flat out say 'no', because that might create a conflict just as easily as if I said yes and it didn't work out.

What should I do guys? What would you do in this situation?
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