Mr. O (conflabit) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mr. O

You wake up one morning, and, while drinking your morning coffee turn on your favorite local news station to get up to date on the information that has passed while you were drunkenly sleeping off what was sure to be the most regrettable night of the past five days. Following the weather, you learn of some breaking news. There is an outbreak of zombies that has taken over your town. Interestingly enough, there is no reports of any other town, apparently all communication is down and they're left with only garbled messages of panic-stricken men and women.

"HIDE YOUR WOMEN" one of the men shouts, his hands tightly clenching the chewed remains of what apparently was his wife, "HIDE YOUR WOMEN FROM THIS MONSTERS. THEY'RE ONLY AFTER THE WOMEN." The video cuts out shortly after that, as they cut back to the stern-looking reporters, who then go on to tell you about some puppies. An update, 15 minutes later, informs you that these lesbian zombies are gaining in their ferocity, and will surely consume the entire city before dark.

Bearing this information in mind, will you:

1- being a woman, allow yourself to succumb to the lesbian zombies?
2- regardless of what you are, blow them up all Survival Horror movie style?
3- use Dark Charizard to cleanse your city?
4- double-click the power cord?
5- pretend to be a zombie, only to plant a bomb at their base, and blow them up?
6- kill yourself?
7- stop taking drugs with your coffee?
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