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I seriously need some help, advice, pearls of wisdom, etc.
Its my first year of college. My parents saved up $0 for my future education, my mom is seperated from my dad and well, she is the one "supporting" me through college with her nurse salary. 
Anyway, I'm going to UTSA my first year and its ALL on grants and loans. Only problem is.....we stupidly waited too fucking long to accept them so they wont get COMPLETELY processed and dispursed until after August; which is PAST the first deadline for payments.
So, I get a letter in the mail from Austin saying that I have been denied for a loan that I applied for. That fucking sucks. 
Not only do I not have enough money with the loans and grants, but I got denied from one that could have possbily saved my ass.
Ok so.....another thing. I'm dorming. That payment is due BEFORE AUGUST 22nd!! And that's like almost $500 in the bag. My mom said she'd come up with that on time. Good.
I STILL NEED $5,000 BEFORE AUGUST 19th!!!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck do I do? How the fuck do I get it? Can I set up some monthly payment plan and only have to pay for the first month before Aug 19?!! I know there's that emergency payment loan that the college offers but its so messy to deal with and that is seriously my DEAD LAST option.
Not only am I stressing out BIG TIME but this all sucks so bad because I wish it were easier. Or, perhaps it is EASY and I'm just one of the few that gets totally overwhelmed with college-payment-money-business shit.
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