mekki (mekkio) wrote in thequestionclub,

another Twilight question...but of a different sort...

After reading this secret on Fandom Secrets today, I have a couple questions;

Do guys like "Twilight"?

So, far, all the fans that I have met of the books have been female.

If you are a fan of "Twilight" could you please say so as well as state your gender?

If you are a guy who likes "Twilight", can you please tell me why?

If you are a girl and you want to see the "Twilight" movie when it comes out, how would you convince your boyfriend to go see it?

I can just imagine some poor girl trying to convince her boyfriend to go see the movie with her;

GIRLFRIEND: Honey, I was thinking about us seeing "Twilight" tonight at the movies.
BOYFRIEND: "Twilight"? What's it about?
GIRLFRIEND: It's an angsty love story.
BOYFRIEND: Uhmmm, I don't know about that.
GIRLFRIEND: But there's vampires in it.
BOYFRIEND: Really? Vampires? So, it's all bloody like in "30 Days of Night"?
GIRLFRIEND: Actually, there's very little blood. Almost next to none.
BOYFRIEND:, is it like an adult thriller type angsty film like "I am Legend"?
GIRLFRIEND: Actually, it takes place in high school.
BOYFRIEND: Oh, you mean like that show, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer? I can get behind that. Spike and Angelus were pretty bad ass. I love that show.
GIRLFRIEND: Actually, it's less like Buffy and more like the OC...or Gossip Girls...well, without the sexed up teens.
BOYFRIEND: No, sex? But it's a teen vampire movie...Okay, fine, do you know how it ends?
GIRLFRIEND: Yes, I do! It ends with...the...prom...
BOYFRIEND: I take it we are not talking about a bloody "Carrie" sort of a prom or a vampire slaughtering like in the "Buffy" movie?
GIRLFRIEND: No...just a prom...
BOYFRIEND: Uh-huh...
GIRLFRIEND: And there's one last thing...
BOYFRIEND: Lay it on me.
GIRLFRIEND: The vampires...well, they don't go "poof" in the sun. They...dazzle.
GIRLFRIEND: disco balls.
BOYFRIEND: Glampires? Really?
GIRLFRIEND: Yes, but I like the story. The main vampire, Edward, is beautiful, "vegetarian" and would never hurt a fly unless to protect his one true love, Bella, who is being chased by all of these suitors and I should really be asking one of my girlfriends to go with me to this movie instead, shouldn't I?

With half of the potential audience gone, I don't see how "Twilight" could even come close to TDK figure. TDK crossed both genders. As well as the 15-25 with some moms thrown in for good measure age limit that "Twilight" has. Batman fans range from 8 to 88. So, again, how can this secret ever come to be?

What do you think?
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