Diz (spider280) wrote in thequestionclub,

Why do we wear clothes?

To think about it, to keep warm during the cold months. Simple, practice, honest.
What about in the warm months? We wear less, and less, and practically nothing. If we do not wear nothing it is a law..you HAVE to wear clothing. Who decided we needed to wear clothes all the time? It could and possibly go back to something with religion. To cover ourselves up..from everyone. I find this interesting. Now it is style, security and many other things rather than to keep the body warm. I personably cannot get enough of those Levi's low cut look {as I have spoken on and on in the past} and the other awesome clothes girls are sporting these days. See? even I get caught up in the fashion of it all. *growl*

Something also along these lines..what about breasts? It is funny. If you seen one breast you have seen them all. Even little kids can draw a "booby" why even block that out on television? They can show it just not the nipple..Um, it is a nipple..what is the big deal? you have nipples I have nipples. Yeah some say for the respect of women..I guess. What about Brian Zembick ? He got breast implants on a bet, he is a male and he cannot show is "breasts" on television without getting them blacked out? Why not?

I guess this topic has to do with sex...dirty, dirty sinful sex...if you cover it up it wll go away. I am not off to get naked or anything like that, but I find it interesting on what is "normal" and why other things aren't. I could be wrong, but I thought about it maybe you will too.

I do look around and see just a lot of beautiful people in this time...I mean on the x-files.. Scully is a babe! Look back about 4 years on a repeat one time...she really wasn't then... I look back and see old shows and knew they really weren't hot then..or well they were and I was adored by them. I see it as a different time because of what today's fashion is..or seems to be. I look back at all the fashion and wonder who came up with some of these trends...I remember people with baby pacifiers while I was in grade school. The things used to be in the clique. Who started it? There are many things like that I think about from time to time...
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