Alexi J. Lupin (alexi_lupin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Alexi J. Lupin

Oh, the joys of high school

So one of my 'friends' (Hah, not anymore) really upset me on Tuesday, and on Tuesday night I lost my voice. I was completely unable to speak in more than a whisper. No pain, no swelling, nothing.

Saw the doctor and a throat specialist on Friday who said there was nothing wrong with my vocal cords, that he sees this quite often, and that it's a stress thing. Like, the brain subconsciously stops the voice from working, even when you try to speak. He said when I get over whatever's distressing me, it'll come back. And it came back in like 2min because I was so relieved.

Has this (or something similar) ever happened to you? What happened?
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