marisa (bookworms) wrote in thequestionclub,

Earlier tonight, I was kicked out of my parents' house by my dad for the first time after a horrible fight. I am staying the night at a friend's house.
I really do not feel like going back tomorrow. Said friend will let me stay as long as I want but her family lives there too.
1. Should I just go back home, rent a motel or hotel room, or stay at my friend's? (If I don't go back home tomorrow, it's likely my parents will come hunting for me.)

2. Will a hotel/motel room take cash? What is the age limit of renting a room in California?

3. What is the last item you got for free?

Eta: Thank you the advice, I really, really appreciate it. I will take it in consideration but I'm not so sure what I should be doing.
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