santodomingoes (santodomingoes) wrote in thequestionclub,

update to previous post/question

sorry I didnt reply to any of the helpful and thoughtful answers to my previous question but I completely forgot about it until now!

heres my original question:

just a follow up question though to "queensugar" the last time I visited a drop in clinic to see a doctor for a check-up and a doctors note to excuse my absence from an exam I needed to show my province health card (which is my dads but im covered on it). So my question is an appointment and prescription (which I would pay for myself) they would not ask for the health card and thus my rents would not know? Just read your other comment about me having my own health number, so I am definately going to look into that, did not know. thankyou your comments were very helpful!

Also to "gnomestress" comment, would they really do a pregnancy test on me before I could get birth control, even if it was very obvious I wasent pregnant (I am not overweight, probably underweight by a doctors viewpoint)?

*this community is great, so glad i discovered it. and dont worry I wont be boring you with anymore bc questions, i think im all set!
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