Ila O'God (fuzzyila) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ila O'God

1a) When you play dominoes, do you "count the cards" that have been played to try to win?

1b) In dominoes, have you ever blocked a game on purpose?

2) If you eat scrambled eggs, do you scrambe the yoke first or do you just crack it into the frying pan and scramble while it's cooking?

3) Why are "one" and "once" pronounced as if there was a "w" in front? (I don't want a scientific answer here. Give me your silliest answer.)

4) What's the most dangerous sport you participate in?

Edit: My answers

1a) Yup
1b) When I was a kid, I did. I don't anymore. That's just silly.
2) Either or. Not a big deal to me. Usually I just scramble it in the pan. Saves on dishes.
3) They used to be written with "w"'s but our collective memories never forgot that and we continue to say it.
4) Rock climbing.
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