Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

Removing tree stumps

I've got to remove a tree stump. Its very close to the side of the house.

We've got regular shovels and wide blade picks for the obvious dirt removal, various saws and axes to break through the roots. The problem is the side of the stump near the house. Regular shovels are very difficult to fit the blocked areas, and the picks are hard to aim right against the house(I'd have to be half inside the wall to do it conveniently) and don't move much dirt anyways.

Can anyone think of ways to make this easier than coming in the front, digging out under, taking out the roots there, digging out even more so the stump can be bent down into the hole to expose the roots on the other side for removal? It can only easily be approached from two sides, and a third if I remove part of the fence. Unfortunately, there are large roots going along the house side where I can't easily approach it with the obvious tools, so even three sides would be rather difficult to do.

I'm open to techniques with the tools listed, or even out of the box thoughts on how to use other tools I might have available that I'm not thinking of. I'm even open to using fire to get rid of it if I could make it work without risking the wooden house its less than a foot away from. I do not want to simply brute force this, that would take a lot of time and be rather tiring...

Backhoe probably isn't an option, too expensive to rent one, and I'd need to hire an operator who coudl use it to get rid of the stump without banging up the walls of the house or damaging the foundation.
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