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How many entries have you set your Friends page to show on a single page? (Main Question, never mind I spent more time on the other one. :P)

Is that related in any way to the number of posts you usually get on your Friends page per day?

When you say that you friend yourself to use your posts as a marker, what do you mean?

As for me, I've got the Friends page set to 50 posts per page, because it bothers me to have to scroll through so many pages of posts (Active comms. Psh. :P). It doesn't affect my loading time by much, so I just leave it like that.

And I remember someone asking why people Friend themselves, and people answering that they use it as a marker. How exactly do you do that? I mean, I never just make a post to mark where I've read in my Friends page... I friended myself because it makes it easier to read my own posts when I do post them, and 'cause I like seeing my icon. :P

Actually, I made a Friends Group out of only myself so that I could compare my most recent posts' icons one after the other, without having to scroll through tons of posts. I often use my icons as mood indicators, so it's interesting when I go through and see 5 posts with the same "angry" icon in a row. :)
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