goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,


someone's earlier post reminded me of something i was wondering about....

we were watching the movie POWDER the other day where the main character's mom was struck by lightning moments before he was born, so he had a condition where his skin was powder white and he couldn't grow body har (along with having paranormal abilities but that's beside the point).

so he has NO body hair, including pubes, eyebrows..... BUT he had eyelashes. why?

aren't eyelashes body hair?

my boyfriend said "OBVIOUSLY" they couldn't just remove his eyelashes JUST for filming a movie. but i thought....why not? they always do drastic things for movies.

and don't some people not have eyelashes to begin with, or even have to have them removed like for eye surgery?

so it's not like it would be that TRAGIC to have his eyelashes removed for the filming of the movie, especially when they already went to the extreme of removing every other hair on the body.

any ideas?
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