Tiki (tikigoddess8) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. For you fish enthusiasts out there, can my guppies eat freeze-dried brine shrimp? Will they like it? What about freeze-dried bloodworms?

2. Do any of you take half-showers and full-showers? I can't wash my hair everyday or it gets really dried out and nasty, so I wash it every other day. When I wash it or shave my legs (can't do both, not enough hot water) that's a full shower. When I don't do either and just wash my body, that's a half-shower. Am I alone in this?

3. It's a gorgeous day outside day. 70 degrees, sunny, just enough breeze to fill my apartment with awesome fresh air when I opened the windows. How's the weather by you??? Is it spring yet where you live? ;o)

4. Has today been a good day so far?
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