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kicking a bad habit

I think one of the worst habits I have is procrastination and everyone gets on me about it. My mom jokes that I'll probably buy my wedding dress the day of my wedding day.

I've tried to kick this habit of doing things last minute and not finishing things, but sometimes I just think it's better for me. I tend to get better grades on papers I write right before they're due. Unfortunately I get stressed days before and I just can't get myself to start things. My friends even get irritated at me a lot.

Also, I feel that I'll just procrastinate so much that eventually I will never get the things I really want to do in life accomplished, like my dreams.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get rid of my procrastination habits or how I can better deal with procrastination?

Or maybe now you're an ex-procrastinator, how did you get rid of this bad habit?
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