b♥pp (b0pp) wrote in thequestionclub,

1.) I'm looking for the font used on the "Pop Rocks" package... does anyone happen to have it, or know of a place to get it? [I've looked at dafont.com and fontfoundry.com, and yes, I googled]

2.) Why do people squint when trying to read small and/or unclear text? Does squinting help focus better or something?

3.) When wearing a skirt, and using the restroom, do you hike the skirt up around your waist or pull it down like you would pants? Does length of the skirt make a difference in your decision?

4.) A salaried employee goes to the airport to pick up a person from the corporate office. They get in an accident on the way back to the hotel to drop the person off. The accident is not their fault, they were rear-ended while at a complete stop on the freeway. They now have to pay, out-of-pocket, their 500$ deductible, car rental for maybe a month, and 20% of the repairs and hope to get reimbursed.

Since this was on company-time, should the company be paying for these costs?
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