Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, I'm thinking of a movie. The title was something like "pink boy" or "boy in pink" or something with the words pink and boy in it. It was French, that's the English title. It was about a boy who wants to wear skirts and dresses and stuff, he's 7-10ish, and his parents are kinda freaking out and taking him to psychologists and such. He read a basic bio book or something, and thinks his other X chromosome missed the chimney and landed in the garbage when the stork dropped him in, and that's what he's trying to tell people. At one point he's talking about a boy he likes(and likes him back, I think) and says(subtitles) "We're going to get married when I'm not a boy anymore."
At the very end, I believe his parents still aren't cool with it, but he's outside playing in a skirt or something, and there's this kinda chunky kid with short-cropped hair sling-shotting rocks at him. The chunky kid's mom yells out something like "(Very obviously female name), Get back in here! and change out of those clothes!" and the skirt-boy gets this look of ":O I'm not the only one!"

What is this movie called? The line about getting married randomly popped into my head when I was on my way to class, and now it's driving me nuts. I wanna see it again, if I can.
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