Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequestionclub,

Eh slightly gross question....

Ok I have what I'm assuming is a zit on the back of my head just a lil bit behind my right ear. I first noticed it about 2-3 days ago and twas a tad bit annoying cause of where it s at it makes my head hurt whenever I move my head/neck due to what it connects to and the streching of the skin and all that. I actually stayed home from work Monday when it first got bad cause well one I overslept, two I wasn't feeling well as it was, and three I was hopeing to be able to pop this thing and get rid of it. That didn't happen and now it s just getting really annoying and I want it GONE! I can't even see the damn thing too well cause yeah it s at the back of my head and just looking at it involves playing with mirrors, but I can sure as hell feel it, it s gotten quite big and yet it s still mostly under the skin. Does anybody have any suggestions for how I can speed up that process at home? I really want this gone cause besides the annoyance factor I don t want it to pop when I m at work and then have all the crap in my hair since it s right below the hairline in back.

Thanks and sorry for the lil bit of grossness but I've tried what my Friends and sister have suggested and no luck yet so I figure this couldn't hurt :)
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