Megs on a Plane (audiodrops) wrote in thequestionclub,
Megs on a Plane

How do I convince my mother that she does not want to come to A-Kon (the big anime convention in Dallas in May, not the rapper) with me next year? I was planning to go with my friends, and she comes up with this big thing. I know that if she plans on taking my family and taking me to A-Kon and making it a big vacation thing and going to Six Flags and whatnot, it's going to fall through and they're not going to want me to go, either. Not to mention, if she thinks my brother and my dad are going to tolerate an anime convention, she is either retarded or crazy.

If I get some food or something at the store and bring it home, I have to eat it right when I bring it home or I won't get any of it at all. Am I the only person who has to deal with this?

What is the most surreal thing you've seen today?
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