some kind of happiness is measured out in miles (plasticpepper) wrote in thequestionclub,
some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

I am going to scream.

So, I finally tried upgrading to Firefox 3.0 and I HATE it.

This so-called awesome bar? NOT SO AWESOME AT ALL. See, the old way worked fairly well. I would type a letter, and it would give me the most viewed sites that started with that letter. I thought it was reasonable. But now, I type a letter and it gives me a pile of random shit just because the URL has that letter in it. For example, if I type a c, I used to get all the LJ communities I frequent. Now, I get such ridiculous suggestions as questionablecontent and NOT HELPFUL.

So, is there any way I can disable the awesome bar or fiddle with preferences for it or ANYTHING that would make it remotely useful or at least make it possible to get to the pages I am looking for?

Also, my addon is completely messed up...all I want is the tag button and the button that takes me to my and apparently I can't have them. Does anybody know how to fix that?

And finally...if I can't fix some of these issues, I can't use FF3, because this is just ridiculous. So if I need do I go about reverting back to FF2?

Sorry for the boring questions, guys. :(
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