I *heart* Zack Morris (iheartzakmorris) wrote in thequestionclub,
I *heart* Zack Morris

Quitting smoking!

So, I'm definitly ready to quit smoking. It is so disgusting and I'm sick of it. But, I'm wondering if anyone has ever quit smoking and NOT gained weight, or even quit smoking and LOST weight? I always heard stories about people who quit smoking and then ballooned up. I have a small frame, so even 5 pounds of extra weight would look like A LOT.

I eat healthy, and I exercise daily. As long as I don't change my eating and exercise habits, my weight should stay the same I would assume. I'm thinking if I don't increase my calories, maybe even if I cut back a little to make up for the calories smoking burns, then I'm thinking I won't gain weight.

So TQC: Who here has quit smoking and stayed the same weight, or even lost weight?

Also, do they sell nicotine free cigarettes? I'm thinking I could have NO problems quitting the nicotine part, it's the 'hand to mouth' thing I like. So, I'm wondering if maybe they make nicotine free cigarettes?

Anyways, just looking for some motivation here.
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