Jollification for weeks on end (artfuldodger) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jollification for weeks on end

My bank (First Market Bank in Richmond VA) has just sent me a letter saying they've switched their ATM service provider, so they're re-issuing everyone their debit cards. They have neat little designs you can get on them at no extra cost. They've changed them since the last time I chose, though the one I chose last time happens to be the only one they didn't change.

I looked and looked for photos of the options, but couldn't find any (I never thought I'd type "bacon" into the search engine of my bank's website, but I did - in vain).

Poll #1229522 The Debit Card Decision

What design should I choose for my new debit card?

Bright happy green kiwis (I have this now, and I like it)
Delicious red bacon (THE CARD IS COVERED IN BACON)
Somewhat dull coffee beans, but coffee = god
Cute sushi (I don't really eat sushi much, but it's damn cute)
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