four_alarm (four_alarm) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sorry if it's TL;DR.

Last night when I got home, I noticed a two foot long horizontal scratch on the hood of my car (which I just bought over Thanksgiving and is a 2008 Corolla). I'm assuming because of the way the scratch is and no other damage to the hood that someone keyed my car at some point yesterday (but I didn't notice it because of all the heavy rain we had). My last car got keyed as well, but it was a four foot long scratch and an old car, so I didn't get it fixed. I'm just pissed off. I know that I'll get small little scratches and dings from people hitting my car, but this is farking ridiculous.

Anyone know how much it may cost to fix? Is it worth fixing? Anyone know how I can make it less noticeable for now?

When is the last time something happened to your car that pissed you off?
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