Undead Kitten Of Cheap Beer (hardtogetover) wrote in thequestionclub,
Undead Kitten Of Cheap Beer

What is your fave appeals court case (in the US)?

Mine is the Andrea Yates case. In the first trial, she was convicted of killing three of her five children (she hasn't been charged with the other two murders yet). The conviction was overturned when it was discovered that the prosecution's star expert witness (who had also testified in the cases of Jeffrey Dahmer, Susan Smith, and John Hinckley) had accused Andrea of mimicking a Law & Order episode in which a woman kills her kids in a bathtub and then pretends to have post-partum psychosis to get off. It turned out that that episode didn't exist, so they had a new trial and she was found not-guilty by reason of insanity. The kicker? The expert was not only allowed to testify in the second trial, but the defense was not allowed to bring up his false testimony from the other trial.
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