Ketinara (ketinara) wrote in thequestionclub,

Random Questions

1. Do you think it's wrong to "taste-test" foods at the grocery store - such as grapes?

2. Do you think it's rude for people to start eating their food while they're waiting in line to pay for it?

3. What specifically makes a job not worth the money?

4. Do you touch/scratch the bottoms of your own CDs/DVDs? What about other people's?

1. Not really, as long as you're not gorging yourself on it.

2. Sometimes, especially when the line is moving fast. Although if the line is slow and you've been waiting for some time... a little rudeness helps people get the picture. ;)

3. For me, people who bring their lives with them to work. I have enough drama at home in my own life without having to hear about other people's crap at work. Just do your job, do it well, and make sure I don't have to fix your mistakes.

4. No and NO. My CDs and DVDs are spotless at all times. I keep them clean and put away in their cases. In fact, I'm so particular about them - I have this compulsive obligation to keep them facing STRAIGHT in the case so I can easily read them. Return my disks scratched and I shall annihilate you. >.>
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