Chel Sea (vetur) wrote in thequestionclub,
Chel Sea

This is probably suited in a Bible community but I don't know of any. I personally don't believe in God and have not read the Bible but these are some things I've been wondering about.

When I think of Jesus, I think of some skinny white guy with long brown hair, but in my mind I know this isn't true. He had to have been bigger, with a short cut, curly hair, with dark skin...or something like that. Right? Why isn't he pictured that way?

If God created Earth as is then how do people explain Dinosaurs? Are dinosaurs in the Bible?

For me, evolution is so clear. Why isn't it for others? We were not like this thousands of years ago yet for some people evolution is not even a thought in their mind. God created us as is (I'm assuming?)

Who created God? Doesn't something have to create something?

I heard on a television program Hell isn't even really mentioned in the Bible. That mainly what we think of Hell comes from Dante's Inferno Was the idea of Hell created just to keep people in line?

Also, I read Easter has more Pagan roots?

If God forgives and accepts all why aren't people more accepting of other races and sexual preferences? If He forgives why send people to Hell? Why would God make black people if he didn't like them. Where do some religious people get this idea that it's okay to hate on the gays? Where in the Bible does it say being gay is wrong?

Why do people believe in God and the Bible? How can they believe in something that can not be proven to exist? Isn't the Bible just a bunch of passed down stories and opinions?

Wow, okay. That's a lot.
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