b♥pp (b0pp) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hypothetical Inheritance Question.

Say one lives in Europe; more specifically, England.

There is a man who has a 16 year old god-son. He has no other children of his own. This mans only blood relatives are two first-cousins, both of which estranged. If this man were to die, who would inherit his estate?

I'm assuming the god-son, however, he is under-age (then again, that is in the US, I'm not sure how this applies to laws in England). So here in the US, someone would be his appointed representive for the estate until he reached the age of 18. But then again, I could be totally wrong, if the estate would go to the blood relatives, instead of the adopted god-son.

This is assuming that the man left no last will and testament.

What do you think?

ps, extra points if you know whom I'm talking about
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