moonpuppy (moonpuppy) wrote in thequestionclub,

there's a question in here somewhere, just be patient.

I fooled around in a squash court the other day for the first time. I think it could be something I'd like to do, but I'm confused a little about the balls. The only ball they had at the gym was this very very tiny ball that didn't bounce very high at all. This ball is probably good for expert players, but i need a higher bouncing ball.

I went to wal-mart to look got my own raquet and balls. I got a racquet that is probably meant for racquetball, but I'm not sure that willmake too much difference. The only balls they had were much larger than the one I had used at the gym, and I think they are probably meant for racquetball, too. Does it matter? I guess if I'm just playing around for fun, it doesn't matter if I specifically use a squash ball... but I'm just wondering. Are racquetballs and squash balls different? And.. do squash balls come in different sizes?
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