inhale and exhale on repeat (loveinillusion) wrote in thequestionclub,
inhale and exhale on repeat

Today at work, I was talking with another lady about losing weight. I told her that I mess around with weights for 20 minutes a day, walk the treadmill for 25, and then swim some laps about 4 or 5 days a week along with eating a lot of healthier stuff other than what I used to. She told me she loses weight an easier way, by taking a weight control vitamin by one source, and Trimspa everyday. She claims to have lost almost 10 pounds this week because of it, which I think is impossible.

So my questions are:

Is it safe to mix those 2 like she does?

And can you actually lose 10 pounds in one week because of it?

TWO weightloss/control suppliments don't seem like a safe idea to me...
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